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❶Greek mythology helped people understand why certain things happened. This paper also demonstrates the way in which culture determines the roles of women, and utilizes a

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Essays about Themes The essays in this section ask your students to reflect on themes that appear repeatedly in Greek mythology. Hubris, or inappropriate pride, is a very common tragic flaw in Greek mythology. Do you agree that hubris is as bad as the Greeks seemed to think it was? Write an essay describing your answer, drawing on evidence from specific myths to justify your point of view.

Family and relationships come up again and again among the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. Write an essay that describes how you believe families are portrayed in Greek mythology, backing up your point with examples from at least three different myths.

Write an essay describing what the Greeks thought about strength and power, using examples from specific myths to justify your argument. What do you believe to be the most common theme in Greek mythology, and why? Write an essay defining this theme and justifying your belief in its centrality.

Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: Essays about Specific Myths The essays in this section ask students to focus in on specific myths that are especially important in the ancient Greek narrative tradition. Which Greek myth is your favorite, or which one do you believe is the most important? Write a persuasive essay arguing for the particular importance and virtue of this myth.

Almost every myth has a purpose, either something that it is trying to explain about the world or a lesson it is trying to convey. Write an essay that explains your belief.

A major theme in the story of Odysseus is retribution, or the idea that people get what they deserve and what we do comes back to haunt us. Write an essay explaining how this theme comes through in relation to at least three different characters in this myth.

Some critics have said that in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts, Jason is the hero; others have said that because Medea helps him so much, she is the actual hero. Make an argument justifying one of these points of view.

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Carlo Brillante, on the other hand, examines the ways the ancient Greeks viewed mythology, and argues that mythical heroes were regarded as historical figures by the Greeks. Brillante contends that the Greeks distinguished heroic myths as being situated in "a well-defined past," as a part of the human world, and as separate from those myths which focus on the "age of the gods.

Kirk breaks down the traditional groupings of gods and heroes sketched by earlier critics even further. Kirk divides hero myths into three categories as well: Buxton notes that Greek gods appear as neither good nor evil, but simply as powerful, and that conflict arises between gods and mortals when imbalances of power occur or when mortals overstep their boundaries.

The most common themes of these myths include violence, deception, negotiation, reciprocity, and honor. Edinger takes another approach in his analysis of the cosmogonical myths; he examines them from a psychological standpoint, noting what the myths appear to demonstrate about the nature of the conscious and unconscious mind. Edinger argues that in these myths, whenever a being is brought from an unconscious state into a conscious one, a split into opposites occurs, and that conflict invariably results; unity is only present in the unconscious state.

In analyzing the hero myths, Kirk details the exploits of some of the more prominent Greek heroes, including Perseus, Theseus, Oedipus, and Odysseus. He notes that many elements in these myths were added on to older motifs over time. Some of the common folktale motifs Kirk identifies, for example, in the Perseus myths, include: Kirk uses various motifs to attempt to date some elements in these myths, contending that the hero myths demonstrate greater narrative complexity than divinity myths.

While the heroic figures Kirk studies are all male, Deborah Lyons argues for the recognition of female heroes, such as Helen, Semele, and Iphigeneia, demonstrating how these meet the typical criteria established for male heroes.

Additionally, Lyons cites a number of sources from which evidence of mythical heroines and cults of heroines may be deduced. Just as Lyons asserts the case for the acknowledgment and study of heroines, Charlene Spretnak champions the cause of early Greek goddesses.


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- Greek Mythology Odysseus, in Greek legend, a Greek hero, ruler of the island of Ithaca and one of the leaders of the Greek army during the Trojan War. Homer's Odyssey recounts Odysseus's adventures .

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In addition to studying the age and origins of Greek mythology, modern scholars have also examined such topics as the relationship between myth and history, the themes and motifs of Greek myths, and the treatment of women in Greek mythology.

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Some aspects of the Greeks’ religion seem barbaric and ridiculous to the modern observer, but that is not really for us to judge. The importance of the ancient Greek religion lies not in their almost blind devotion to the gods, but in the major contribution to modern literature of the Greek mythology. Greek Mythology. Greek mythology is based on beliefs and concepts developed in Greece in the past. They helped inspired the concept of democracy throughout civilization dating back thousands of years. This includes basic ideas we have come to know today that have helped making living easier.

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